Climbing equipment rental mountain climbing article rental service

Rental fee


Advance reservations of rental article do not reach.

Please order at the time of check-in.
In addition, we order from the outside when there is not mountain climbing article by any chance.

※Please note that you may not offer about GW and tray period.

Item Size Until 3 days and 2 nights noon Arrearage
Mountain climbing shoes 23cm - 28cm 1,000 yen 500 yen
Rainwear 145-185cm 1,000 yen 500 yen
Rucksack - 500 yen 250 yen
Rucksack cover - 500 yen 250 yen
Stock - 500 yen 250 yen
Headlight - 500 yen 250 yen

It is> about <return
★As the rental days are 3 days and 2 nights, but arrearage incurs when it is past noon of the third day;
Please be careful.
It is confirmation> <attention
★Even if accident, loss of injury, belonging that occurred during mountain climbing is to be caused by rental article; our hote
We do not compensate for ru at all.
You confirm whether there is not defect beforehand, and please warn by plan without unreasonableness enough safely.
★Even in the case of mint condition, rate does not return rental article.
★About loss, damage of rental article, it is shi for indemnity for whatever reason 10 times as large as rental fee
Payment will have.