Car rental rent-a-car service



Base rate (it includes consumption tax)

Until six hours Until nine hours Until 24 hours
4,860 yen 5,940 yen 7,020 yen

It becomes hotel allocation of cars, hensha. At port, airport please note that cannot loan.

As it becomes the handling only for three Vitz, I would like early reservation!

※The handling of light car was finished.

※It is 1,080 yen hourly afterward

※It is 5,940 yen afterward every 1st


 Immunity from responsibility security system (it includes consumption tax)

Until 24 hours 1,080 yen


※It becomes condition of debt appearance to be able to join immunity from responsibility security.


Navigation charges become free service.

Non operation charge
(in the case of accident, theft, trouble of emergency)

When we return by self-run 20,000 yen
When we cannot return by self-run 50,000 yen


Cancellation, reservation cancellation fee

On reservation ride day
Seven days ago
On reservation ride day
Before from 6 to 3
On reservation ride day
2nd ... day before
On reservation ride day
On the day
Free of charge 20% of base rates 30% of base rates 50% of base rates

※In addition, rent-a-car rental rate mentioned above is rate as of December 30, 2013.

Please note that you may correct amount of money.

Gasoline rate

Return that is filled up in principle: We pay the difference by case without return filled up, run kilometer conversion rate.

1.Rent-a-car section business hours from 8:00 to 18:00
2.It becomes all car non-smoking.
3.henhaisha to Awa district does not go.
4.It becomes condition of rental to be able to join immunity from responsibility security.
5.Navigation charges become free service.
6.Please order at the time of one set of car seat (free), one set of youth sheet (free) reservation.
7.Rental of car limits principle toward staying. (when you stay at other hotels, we cannot loan by consecutive stay during rental period.)