ACCESS access

When he/she came from Kagoshima, we arrive in Miyanoura Port, Awa Port, either of Yakushima Airport. Access from each port, airport to hotel is as follows.

Access to hotel
Miyanoura Port: Approximately 5 minutes on foot (approximately 200m)
Yakushima Airport: It is approximately 15 minutes by car

In the case of use of bus, we get off in Miyanoura Port entrance (map 2) or Miyanoura Port (map 1) from bus stop in front of the airport. It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from both bus stops.

Awa Port: It is approximately 30 minutes by car

In the case of use of bus, we get off in Miyanoura Port entrance or Miyanoura Port from Awa Port bus stop. It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from both bus stops.

  • ※As the bus becomes last as for the customer coming by arrival at last Awa Port, please be careful at time. As number is limited to taxi in the case of the last arrival flight, prior reservation is recommended.
  • ※Because there is little number of buses (an hour around one), please be careful on the use at the time.
  • ※Come on the use by rent-a-car towards Miyanoura Port. Immediate this side of port becomes hotel.
Tourist attraction
We show around tourist attraction of Yakushima on map.


Learning spot
We show around facility which can learn about Yakushima including museum on map.


Sightseeing model course
We introduce cedar, mountain climbing course of Miyanouradake, sightseeing in Yakushima model course from hotel in Jomon.
In addition, when is looking for tours such as various mountain climbing, canoes, scuba diving, to Yakushima Tourism Association or nature office homepage


Access to to YAKUSHIMA Yakushima

Access to Yakushima

In Yakushima, neighborhood approximately 130km, all the rotations are surrounded in the sea. Means of transportation to be introduced to island go all out of Kagoshima with sea route and two of air route. If it is from 40 minutes to 50 minutes, high speed ship when it is airplane, Yakushima from Kagoshima takes approximately 4 hours by direct flight for approximately two hours if it is ferry. When the sea is stormy, ship cannot appear, and airplane cannot land if view is bad, and, in the case of bad weather, we use which means of transportation, or attention is necessary.

Miyanoura Port

Doorway of the sea of Yakushima where ferry, high speed ship come and go. There is office of souvenir shop and rent-a-car in the outskirts and is place that is based, and is convenient of sightseeing. We can go on foot from seaside hotel Yakushima in approximately five minutes.

Yakushima Airport

Air gateway of Yakushima. Only direct flight between Yakushima ⇔ Kagoshima runs. It can see Kagoshima at degree for 40-50 minutes in the time required, and it is advantage to be stronger in weather than transportation of the sea.
It is approximately 15 minutes by car from seaside hotel Yakushima.


To Kagoshima Airport

Japan Air System commuter

Awa Port

There is not departure and arrival of ferry, but is port which it is useful as platform of toppi. toppi is mail departing from and arriving at Yakushima, but Awa Port and Miyanoura Port and two places are checks required as there is. As we change departure and arrival in poor weather conditions in Miyanoura Port and Awa Port and may cope, it is particularly to watch out.
It is approximately 30 minutes by car from seaside hotel Yakushima.

High speed ship

To Kagoshima, Tanegashima

toppiroketto (seed Yaku Highway ship)

Means of transportation of Shimauchi

As kind of subway and train is not in Yakushima, movement by car plays a key role basically. Of course there are taxi and bus and rent-a-car, too. Driver guides to hope if we charter sightseeing taxi if we want to spend time effectively. It is the second we see using route bus slowly if we go leisurely, and to go. If driving on new way is okay, rent-a-car can go freely and is economical. Western western forest road of island and small way of Shiratani, yak cedar Landes Line may be only difficulties in new.


Reserved bus

Yakushima traffic (0997) 46-2221

matsubanda traffic (0997) 42-0027

Route bus

Tanegashima, Yakushima traffic Yakushima branch office (0997) 46-2221


Yakushima traffic taxi

  • Head office (Awa) (0997) 46-2321
  • Miyanoura Office (0997) 42-0611
  • Onoaida Office (0997) 47-2018

matsubanda traffic taxi

  • Miyanoura Office (0997) 42-0027
  • Awa Office (0997) 46-3900

Awa taxi

Head office (Awa) (0997) 46-2311

Please check the details over each means of transportation homepage or telephone directly.