Various dishes

 Banquet dishes
Banquet dishes

We prepare for banquet dishes which included seafood and riches of the soil that Yakushima is fresh for guest abundantly.
Customer except staying can prepare for banquet dishes which are ~ of 4320 yen per person (tax-included). It requires reservation by the day before. (restaurant or banquet room) please consult about contents, rate.

Banquet dishes contents example 5,400 yen course

  • Appetizer
  • Sashimi
  • Grilled dish
  • Fried food
  • daibutsu
  • Spare plate
  • yosara
  • Soup
  • Rice
  • Dessert



Breakfast of guest prepares for buffet.
Please have Japanese-Western style special menus more than 30 kinds in addition. (in addition, it may become Japanese set meal when there is very little staying staff)

Noon and buffet shop assortment plate dishes of night party form accept reservation, too. In addition, buffet becomes the use that is higher than 30 people. For more details, please refer.


Lunch accepts reservation from more than ten people.

Menu is boiled fish low dining table @2, 160 yen. Please consult about rate, contents. (in addition, general sales people do not do lunch only in group)

Boiled fish low dining table contents example 2,160 yen course

  • Small dish
  • Soup
  • Structure
  • Boiled fish (chire sea bream)
  • Spare plate (flying fish Satsumaage)
  • Steamed cake (chawanmushi)
  • Rice
  • Fruit

Comment dishes

Comment dishes

If there is hope as there is thing which we cannot set up by order on the day, I would like prior order. In addition, sorry, approve as on the day you may not set up thing that fresh ingredients including sashimi are necessary depending on the situation of fishing.

Neck buckling up mackerel (break neck mackerel)

Neck is broken, and mackerel (break neck mackerel) is recommended

We break neck of mackerel performed one fishing of to keep the freshness and are called neck buckling up mackerel because we do blood omission and take to go. Because it is fresh, it is eatable with sashimi.

Sashimi (one portion 1,500 yen ...)

In addition, please note that you may not prepare depending on the situation of fishing because fresh mackerel is necessary. (as for the photograph mackerel one four portions)

Braised foods of ear shell

Braised foods of ear shell

It is called "nagarame" from state to move to drift with looks that made abalone small.

It is salty-sweet, and the stewed taste fits liquor well.

One dish of 1,000 yen



  • Deep-fried chicken, kampachino head grilled with salt (1,000 yen)
  • Flying fish sashimi (1,000 yen)
  • Ms. squid sashimi (1,300 yen)

※The above becomes 8% of consumption taxes tax-included indication. (rate as of April 1, 2016)

DRINK drink

Drink menu table

Brand name Unit price Remarks
Beer (medium-sized bottle) 760  
Draft beer (the inside) 670  
Draft beer (the small) 570  
Shochu 5 go bottle (black grows on Mt. three island of Yaku) 3,810  
Shochu 5 go bottle (island of ancient times Yaku) 4,110  
Shochu glass (black grows on Mt. three island of Yaku) 650  
Shochu glass (island of ancient times Yaku) 700  
Sake (1 go) 650  
Unwarmed sake south bank old man (300 ml) 1,080  
Umeshu on the rocks 550  
Umeshu with soda 650  
Shochu and soda (lemon plum) 550  
Glass of wine (only as for the white) 550  
Bottled wine 3,240  
Yakushima passion winebottle 2710  
Yakushima passion wineglass 550  
Whiskey reservation bottle 8,640  
Whiskey reservation glass (with water) 650  
Highball 750  
Soft drinks
Brand name Unit price Remarks
Passion juice 430  
Tongue perception juice 430  
Orange juice 330  
Oolong tea 330  
cola 330  
Brand name Unit price Remarks
Karaoke machine (at the time of banquet) 10,800  

※The above becomes 8% of consumption taxes tax-included indication. (rate as of April 1, 2016)